You can order thermostat x10 to control your home heating

by Adrian Biffen, GM, Aerohost Web Systems

x10 temperature from x10 Heating and air conditioning is a major monthly cost so it is a very practical application for x10 home control systems. We use the ActiveHome controller from the x10 superstore, to control our energy consumption in various ways - and probably save enough money to pay for all the x10 equipment in our home. The setback thermostats will accomplish this in conjunction with the Active Home controller - see the kit to automate your home with X10.   The home module x10 works reliably during any time of the year.
x10 thermostat setback controller
With the Thermostat Set-Back Controller you can easily automate any thermostat in your house. Simply mount the attractive heating unit under any existing thermostat and plug the power supply into an appliance module. It gives off a small amount of heat when activated - enough to 'fool' your thermostat into thinking that the ambient air temperature is warmer than it really is. 

Because it does not require any intrusion into your house wiring, installation is a breeze. In my home, I have my ActiveHome controller programmed to turn it off at 5:00 AM so that the house is warm by the time I get downstairs. At the end of the day, it goes on and keeps the heating turned down all night.

What a great money saver! Visit the x10 superstore to find out more about it, and see how you can make just about any product wireless x10 controlled.

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