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blogs generate revenue - step by step instructionsNote: Google Adsense and Adwords are not necessarily the best way to make money on the net. The payout per click has dropped dramatically, and all their strategies are designed to get you to pay more money for Adwords campaigns. There are better affiliate programs that pay much higher, and free blogging is an excellent way to generate an income online. We highly recommend Rob Benwell's ebook 'Blogging to the Bank'. His 7 step blueprint will show you step by step exactly how to do it - it's worth every penny and will save you countless hours of trial and error. I've used it and it works! More info ...


XSitePro is the best automated turn-key website authoring program; it is also a pay per click tool for managing affiliate campaigns. Rapidly build multi-page websites that are search engine optimized. Enter keywords and XSitePro will do the rest - Google Ads, site maps, SEO, navigation,  affiliate links, multiple product pages, etc. MORE INFO

Keyword Elite This is simply the BEST SOFTWARE for determining keywords and keyword phrases! Instantly generate a long list of the top 100 searches. Optimize your web pages in the search engines for maximum traffic ... read our FREE article about optimizing pages for Google. Make your web pages $pay every day with Google AdSense.

Affiliates Alert - free software to search ClickBank mall marketplaceAFFILIATES ALERT

FREE Software Download - Download this free program and search for any of the over 40,000 products in ClickBank. Before this, you had to sift through the directory - not anymore! (more info).

Search ClicBank mall directory with CBmall CBmall - A completely automatic mall business with thousands of great products! (more info).

autoresponders create sales and maximize revenue GetResponse Autoresponders - Sign up here for Simon Grabowski's excellent "Power Up Your Email" marketing course (absolutely free with no obligation). You'll receive 7 chapters by email that teach you how to use autoresponders, perhaps the most powerful marketing tool you'll ever have! Increase your online sales every day with this system for less than 60 a day (more info).


Context Sensitive Ad Rotator - ClickBank Buddy
This automated ClickBank Ad generator rotates Ads on your website that resemble Google AdSense online advertising. Make money online with your website with over 40,000 ClickBank products.


SwapClix - Costa Dedes created SwapClix; a software application and Ebook on how to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to Google AdSense. If your AdWords cost is lower than your AdSense revenue, guess what? You make money ... If you decide to give this a try, then get the Keyword Elite program as well - it goes hand in hand with SwapClix.
AeroCART - Our online Shopping Cart:
AeroCART Online Storefront Demo
Use AeroCART to take orders and process credit cards in 'real time' over the Internet. Installed on our servers with any Platinum plan and ready to go, no software to purchase ...

"After I use MemTurbo, my system perks up, I stop getting resource error messages, and I even feel a little taller!" (January 2000)
MemTurbo is a great little application that manages your system memory, preventing crashes and optimizing speed - we use it on all our machines: highly recommended!CLICK HERE for FASTER PC! - MemTurbo

my Little Admin For SQL Server: myLittleAdmin allows users to manage SQL Server through a browser. Users install (FTP copy) myLittleAdmin under their virtual directory on the server and they can immediately manage their database from a URL. The biggest benefit is that users can manage their database from anywhere in the world, even from a cybercafe - they just need an internet connection! To find out more, please click on the image
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SQLyog is an easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world.


LOAD BALANCED SERVERSload balanced rack serversWindows Server operating system with IIS framework for developing website architecture

MySQL is a powerful relational database system

PHP is a powerful scripting language

MS SQL Server high-end relational database

Visual Studio - desktop environment for development

FrontPage web authoring

MS Access relational database

osCommerce engine powers our free shopping cart

real-time statistics help with search engine optimization
Statistics Demo

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