SQL hosting servers are fully monitored 24/7

SQL hosting - Our Windows web servers are constantly monitored to ensure
minimum loading and top performance for your website ...

Server status Monitoring
With our powerful Windows monitoring systems, we can track traffic on our systems in 'real time'. Our custom software alerts us instantly if server performance drops below our minimum standards. This is your guarantee of continuous, high performance for your website. This is only one of the many reports regarding visitor traffic that can be generated with the click of a mouse.

Our network has direct connectivity to tier 1 Internet providers including; MCI, Qwest, Level 3, Yipes, Wiltel, Cox, AT&T and Verio and we performance-route traffic to the fastest and most reliable backbone. In addition our network is self healing, which means that if we loose a backbone or a backbone becomes congested we automatically and instantly route around the problem.

If you need solid, dependable Internet service and high performance website hosting, please take a look at us. We provide top notch service, competitive pricing, live statistics, Active Server Pages (ASP)/PHP script support, secure forms processing, database compatibility, credit card transaction systems, online shopping solutions and many other features at an affordable price.

If you need to put your database online, we have full system support for MS Access or SQL server. If you need assistance with site design or database programming, we have an experienced development team that can provide help when you need it. Many of our clients have moved to our service after experiencing performance and support problems with other web hosts - make your experience a good one, right from the start! We keep our server loading light (thus FAST) and make sure we respond to your questions quickly and efficiently.

   Whether you need basic website hosting, email, eCOMMERCE, database systems or live website statistics, for more information on our Windows 2000 web hosting service, please



Graph showing annual visitor traffic; average daily hits is 270

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