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Generating an income with search engine marketing - get the right tools:

Search engine marketing generates many requests for information about revenue generating methods, strategy and software tools, so I decided it would be a good idea to try and provide a concise summary of what we've learned from our own activities. 

 In this article we'll show you examples of the techniques we used with one of our most successful websites:  HDTV Home Theater (opens in a new window).

This is an article about internet marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and affiliate programs and tools, and how you can make money with them. On this page, you will find relevant links to the various key providers of programs and products, all of which have resulted in financial success from our own efforts.
Adrian Biffen, Senior Partner, Aerohost
by Adrian Biffen, GM

Keyword Elite: The Number 1 Tool for ANY Search Engine Marketing:

Before we go any further, I can't stress enough the importance of determining keyword optimization and usage, regardless of which marketing (or advertising) approach you take. Google search engine top keyword generatorWhether you are a publisher generating revenue by hosting ads on your pages, or an advertiser generating sales by placing ads, you need to know what the most requested keywords are and which niche markets have been missed.

If you don't have this information, you are running blind, playing a guessing game, and your chances of success are akin to being struck by lightning. Even if you're on a limited budget, this should be the one tool that you buy.

Keyword Elite is quite simply the BEST SOFTWARE for determining keywords and keyword phrases to maximize revenues. Instantly generate a long list of the current top 100 searches. Enter any word related to your business and immediately display a long list of related terms and find out what people are searching for. Optimize your web pages for maximum search engine marketing results, and find niche markets that nobody else has.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Advertising Programs:

A few years ago, we started to see PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising appear from Google, with their AdSense and AdWords programs. Google AdSense and Chitika make money for webmastersMany others such as Overture, Yahoo and Chitika have followed suit. These context sensitive pay per click (PPC) advertising systems can generate a substantial income for people that own websites. 

As a publisher, you sign up for free, then insert small scripts into your pages which generate blocks of ads that are relevant to the page contents. This provides visitors to the page with advertisements displaying goods and services related to their search keywords, and advertisers bid on these keywords to have their ads displayed, when a visitor searches for them.

Web publishers get paid every time a visitor clicks through an advertisement to see the products and services offeredChitika vs Google - Chitika has higher PPC by the advertiser, and advertisers are paying for those click-through visitors. Google, Chitika and other ad program providers make money by charging the advertiser more than the publisher is paid.

Ads by AeroHOST - Products & Services Tested & Recommended.
Blogging to the Bank
Use free blogs to create income: Blogging to the Bank, Rob Benwell's ebook, is an excellent way to launch your own blogspot. Follow step by step instructions and have your own revenue generating blog running in minutes. DRIVE TRAFFIC to YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE ... more info

Keyword Elite
Determine most used keywords to maximize traffic. Instantly generate the current top 100 searches, and find niche markets by analyzing the competition

XSitePro is an automated turn-key website authoring program. Rapidly build multi-page websites that are search engine optimized. Enter keywords and XSitePro will do the rest - Google Ads, site maps, SEO, navigation,  affiliate links, multiple product pages, etc. MORE INFO

Run your own ClickBank mall with thousands of great products - AUTOMATICALLY (no programming required)

Join Chitika Affiliate Ads
Chitika is one of the highest paying PPC ad placement programs

AdWords Dominator
In 2005, Google announced that AdWords publishers could access all their data using a new API. AdWords Dominator is the result - track all your campaigns and get analytics for maximum results

The Definitive Guide To AdWords
Perry Marshall has written the best Google AdWords and search engine marketing guide


Can't figure out which page is making money? Which PPC ad campaign is the most effective? Get the best value in affiliate program tracking - Windows or Unix


We also like Chitika because of the following reasons:

 -the payout to the publisher is higher than other programs
 -the ads contain product pictures that generate a higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
 -visitors can search for competitive products without leaving the publisher's page
 -publishers have the option to manually control the targeted keywords
 -new pages with low click-thru rates (CTR) are not penalized like they are at Google
 -they have a Chitika affiliate program for publishers to recruit new members
Here's a screen capture of an actual real Chitika eMiniMall Ad, manually targeted for "search engine marketing". We couldn't put a real ad here, because directing attention to, and encouraging ad clicks is forbidden under the TOS (Terms of Service) agreement we have with Chitika (and Google):

Chitika eMiniMall ppc ad

Pay Per Action Advertising (PPA) Affiliate Programs:

Google AdSense and Chitika are two top players in the PPC advertising field, but there is an interesting - and potentially more lucrative - alternative to these programs. We were doing fairly well with PPC, but in some areas we couldn't get the precise targeting we wanted - so I signed up with ClickBank, a Pay Per Action (PPA) affiliate system. 

With ClickBank, you don't get paid by the click; it is an affiliate system (free to join) that pays when the shopper takes an action, such as joining a membership or buying an eBook download. Unlike other affiliate programs like Commission Junction, the commissions are typically 50 to 75% of the purchase price. Used in conjunction with an ad placement system, such as Affiliate Sensor, you can place highly targeted profitable ads that look just like Google Ads, but yield a much higher return.

I found that this was such a significant improvement over PPC that I decided to dedicate a seperate article to it - read about ClickBank and Affiliate Sensor here. 

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Here's a recap of the products we recommend you add to your toolkit (all of which we use that easily pay for themselves):

Keyword Elite - The Keyword Elite program will very quickly find those top paying Google keyword analyzer critical product areas and keywords that can generate a lot of cash. This is one of those fabled KILLER APPS, we use it all the time. You can download it here and get started immediately.  If you only spend some money on one thing, this should be it!

XSite Pro™ - new in 2005, Paul Smithson & Intellimon Ltd created XSite Pro™, an affordable, XSitePro: web design for search engine keyword optimizationvery easy to use premium web site design and management tool that is a truly comprehensive alternative to authoring programs such as Microsoft FrontPage™ and Macromedia's Dream Weaver™. XSitePro combines and automates all web management features such as page layout, web design with keyword and search engine optimization, navigation menu structures, Google AdSense ads, affiliate links, site maps, pop-up generators, audio recording, testimonials, page redirects, custom code libraries, site maps (including the new Google XML format that Google loves to use), robot spidering control, backup management, server uploading/publishing and many other functions ... download and get more info

Affiliates Alert - Maayan Marzan has created Affiliates Alert, Affiliates Alert - free software to search ClickBank mall marketplacea program that you can download for FREE that gives you the ability to search the 40,000 item ClickBank marketplace, among other things. The program also provides data such as product ranking, statistics, and other important information. Get notified of fast selling hot new marketplace items

So how can he give it away for free, you ask? He has built into this product a second level that you can purchase - a 'Pro' version that yields even more information. This is for people that plan to use ClickBank as a major source of income and realize that the additional value is well worth the cost of the upgrade. So give it a try; even the free version is very useful, and we found that it provides all the basic info needed to find products that are a perfect match for our subject material (download it for FREE here).


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