Federal Student Loan Consolidation Program

Federal Student Loan Consolidation Program: Consolidate college student loans and reduce debt payments

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Apply for Federal Student Loan assistance online:

If you are a college student (parents please take note), this Federal Government program can help you cut monthly payments on your student loans. You can consolidate now and lock in a low fixed rate. When you consolidate student loans with a Federal Consolidation Loan, you not only can take advantage of these low rates, you can lock in that rate for the life of your loan

One easy process, one low fixed rate, one low monthly payment, one lender. This is a free U.S. Government program (no fees or other charges). NextStudent is an authorized agency for this program - you can check your eligibility in a minute or two: 

Reduce your student loan payments.

- No credit checks
- No pre-payment penalties
- Your payment will be reduced by as much as 60% each month
- You will have to write just one check each month for your student loans
- All information is secure and confidential 


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College Graduates:
Consolidate your college loan debt now and you can save thousands when you lock in at the lowest student loan rates possible.

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Financial aid options, including fellowships and graduate student loans, to help you pay for your post-graduate degree.

College Students:
Search for scholarships, learn about financial aid, get a low-interest federal or private student loan and more.

Explore saving plans, look for free money, and apply online for low-cost Parent PLUS and NextStudent Private Student Loans.

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Find out what you should do now to secure free money and low-cost funding for college


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