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Lower Back Pain Relief - Evolution Chair 2 Tier Affiliate Program

If you're ready, then click here to join the Evolution Chair affiliate program - it's free!

Thanks for your interest in the Evolution Chair associate referral program. There are no membership fees, so you risk nothing for an opportunity to make significant financial gains.

The Evolution Chair was introduced just over one year ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The Evolution Chair combines the core health benefits of a stability exercise ball with the efficiency and mobility of an office chairís rolling base.

Our distributors have embraced the Evolution Chair and use their chairs on a daily basis. The unique design of the chair immediately sparks curiosity and encourages further investigation in to the Evolution Chairís benefits of increased comfort, heightened postural awareness and reduction of  spinal compression. 

Our program is straightforward and easy to understand, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you generate a new revenue stream. Your participation as a partner is very valuable to us, and we will endeavor to support your efforts any way that we can.

We offer a commission of 20% on a retail price of approximately $179, anytime a new client purchases our product through your referral link. You can make additional money by referring new affiliates as well - you'll get 5% of any sales generated by affiliates that sign up under you.

And, you don't even need a website - get an exclusive web page of your own on our site that will be indexed in the search engines. You'll automatically generate sales with this page, and you can use it to refer any clients that wish to purchase our product (and you'll get the 20% commission by doing this). You can also copy this page and use it on your own website.

As mentioned above, this program is a 'two tier' system, so you can enjoy additional commissions on sales generated by other affiliates that have joined, if those affiliates were referred to our program by you. These new affiliates enjoy the same tier 1 benefits, and can have tier 2 referrals as well. Because the program is limited to 2 tiers, it has none of the drawbacks of deep multi-level pyramid marketing, but still provides a mechanism for your associates to be involved.

Checks for sale commissions in the current month are issued on the 15th of the following month when accrued commissions exceed $40.00. We use 'cookies' set for 180 days (6 months), so even if your referral doesn't make a purchase until a later date, you will still get credit for the sale (up to 6 months).

You don't need a website to join, and you can earn commissions just by providing your referral customer with a link containing your tracking ID code in an email message (SPAM is not permitted and will result in immediate account closure and forfeiture of all commissions).

You will be provided with your own administrative center via browser, whereby you can choose your links, change your contact info, and monitor your progress with comprehensive real-time reports.

If you're ready, then click here to join the Evolution Chair affiliate program - it's free!


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