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Adrian Biffen, Senior Partner
By Adrian Biffen, Senior Partner, Aerohost Web Systems

If you're looking for a good new or used vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check into the government surplus and repo auction marketplace. All year long there is a steady supply of good used vehicles at absolute bargain prices available through the Cheap Car Research auction site.

These vehicle inventories come from government and military sources, whether it be Army and Navy surplus or any other branch where vehicles need to be upgraded and replaced.  Repossessed cars and trucks are a big part of the picture, whether seized privately or by government; 'repo man' is unfortunately a fact of life for some. Also, established car dealerships get over-stocked from time to time, and army, navy, military and government surplus auction vehiclesneed to drop NEW inventory fast in order to maintain a positive cash flow. Leasing companies often need to auction off-lease vehicles too.

All these vehicles have legitimate histories and full records are maintained and inspected before anything is put up for auction, guaranteeing a safe purchase for new owners.

Government surplus and repo vehicles are now available for auction online:

The ability to locate these vehicle auction deals on line is truly a breakthrough for anyone interested in significant cost savings on any vehicle purchase. Whether you just need a family car or you're interested in making some money as a dealer or reseller, this is the place to be. 

Many of our members have made great profits from cars, trucks and SUV's purchased through this auction system, and you can too! You only need enough cash to buy one or two vehicles to get a good business up and running ...

So cruise on into the vehicle auction site and try a FREE search for the type of car you're looking for - you can do it for just your area too! Click here to visit the surplus auction site.


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